lundi 29 septembre 2008

More Kaossilator undocumented features !!

(En français plus bas)
I present here some self test functions of the Kaossilator : battery test, and sound test ; but there is still many things to understand...

Never see a kaossilator ? Check this video from Korg, and this very musical Kaossilator video ;-)
or this one, with Justice and Chromeo mixed as a background.
  • Battery state.
-Press LOOP/REC, TAP/BPM and GATE ARP/TYPE simultaneouly and Power ON !

On the Display, you've got bat and then HI or LOW, for the state of the battery.

  • Sound test
-Power off the kaossilator
-Press SCALE, TAP/BPM and GATE ARP/TYPE simultaneously and Power ON !
On the display you've got 1.00 That should be the firmware version.
Does it mean more version to come ? More Kaossilator to buy to have new sound ? What a business model !! ;)
Or just to fix bugs ?
-Now press SCALE
It writes int, then t2.2 to t4.6 with the test sound on the left then on the right, and finally in both channels, with a test of all the leds.
-TAP/BPM animate all the LCD display.
-TAP/BPM a second time writes *AP. What's that ??
-TAP/BPM a third time writes "S.on" Still no idea !
-SCALE then LOOP then GATE gives "EnC".

Yeah, what about the testing of the touchpad you'll said ? I just think it's done in the normal mode !

That's terrible, I really don't understand what all those things does. Please if you know, or have an idea, write a comment ! Who'll try that on the MiniKaos Pad ?

Sorry it's nothing musical, but maybe I missed a function !

En Français.
(j'ai fait le post en anglais, car pour le kaossilator, on m'a déjà demandé des traductions, à partir de youtube)

Je quote intégralement "Supersynth" de Audiofanzine.

En plus du mode 16 temps, le kaossilator offre aussi d'autres fonctions cachées.Ainsi en maintenant les boutons LOOP/REC TAP BPM et GATE ARP TYP avant de mettre sous fonction on peut vérifier le niveau des piles. Ensuite s'inscrit BAT et l'état des batteries HI, LOW...

En maintenant les touches SCALE TAP BPM Et GATE ARP on entre dans le mode TEST qui sert à vérfier la version du firmware je pense (on voit 1.00 s'afficher versions suivantes déja en préparation???) ensuite en appuyant sur la touche SCALE une foi, différents sons à différentes intensités se produisent dans l'oreille gauche puis droite (comme les test d'audition quand on était petits) et l'appareil se bloque toutes diodes allumées en faisant du son dans les deux oreilles. En appuyant ensuite sur TAP BPM toutes les diodes s'allument successivement..

Si vous savez, ou si vous avez des idées, dites le !
Bon, après, dommage que ce ne soit rien de vraiment musical, mais c'est toujours marrant de découvrir des fonctions cachés !!!


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0612 a dit…

Hi! Here is some additional information that you'll hopefully find useful!

In the sound test mode, you actually get to test both the jog wheel and the touchpad.

When the display says "En.C", press "Tap/BPM", then rotate the jog dial clockwise until "30" appears on the display. Now press "Tap/BPM".

The counter will reset to 0. This time, rotate the jog dial counter-clockwise till 30, then press "Tap/BPM" again.

You will now see "Pd.1" on the display. This just means "Touchpad test". Touch the top-left corner of the pad and release. Touch the centre of the pad, then release. Now touch the bottom right corner of the pad, then release.

The next mode shows touchpad movement in MiniKP notation. When done, press "Tap/BPM".

Now press "Tap/BPM" a few more times, and the test is complete.

As far as I know, the same test sequences actually work on the MiniKP. However, take note that finishing the tests will wipe out the memory of the "A" and "B" buttons.

Hope I've been helpful.


Factran a dit…

Thanks a lot guy !! But please tell me : how do you know that ?? just Trial and Error ?

0612 a dit…


Yes, those were discovered by Trial and error, and just plain messing around with the unit, that's why you'd notice there are some things I don't quite understand yet.

Please continue investigating the hidden modes - You won't know what you can find!


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